Paul Brooks Horn III

Live Life Glorifying God

Tarantella – Sicilian Traditional

The first video with the new Rhode NT1-A microphone and in the new “studio.” Tarantella can be found on page 27 of Christopher Parkening’s Guitar Method Vol. 2.

Russian Folk Song – Traditional

Well, after an eight month, unplanned, hiatus from recording here’s the Russian Folk Song from the Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol. 2.  It is part of my second recording project aimed at playing better. It can be found on page 26 of the Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vol. 2.

French Lullaby – Brandon

This French Lullaby appears in Christopher Parkening’s Guitar Method Vol. 2 on page 25. It’s a piece written by David Brandon and recorded for his “Legacy” album. Probably not my best recording, but it’s one of those times that I’m ready to move on with my life. :) Hope you enjoy it…


Canción is a nice little piece from the Christopher Parkening Vol 2 book, page 22. It kinda sounds like “Dream On” by Aerosmith at the beginning, but I’m sure it was written a years before that song became popular. Anyhow, hope you enjoy it.


The last song in my project of going back and playing the simpler songs. The point of the project was to “learn how to learn” and play the songs all the way through with minimal mistakes. Please forgive one mistake here as I was ready to be finished with the project.

Bourrée In A Major-Bach (1685-1750)

Second to last song in my project, Bourrée in A Major by Bach can be found on page 89 of Christopher Parkening’s Guitar Method, Vol. 1. I actually love some of Bach’s simpler pieces and this is one of them. It was very easy to learn. Now, on to the last song and then to a new project.